BY Alina Amir

K-Pop is a genre that needs no introduction. 

At some point or another, we have come across a K-Pop song or a K-Pop fan. But what makes K-Pop so unique are all the different concepts in each and every performance.

Since it’s Halloween, I will be ranking the best K-Pop Halloween performances. This list contains a variety of performances including performance videos, stages, and dance practice videos.

Ateez – The Black Cat Nero

The performance speaks for itself here. This remake of the much older ‘The Black Cat Nero’ delivers a whole different vibe from the original. The change from a retro sound to a more rock-themed style of music is delightful and perfect for Halloween. Where the choreography remains similar to the original in the chorus, Ateez mixes up the rest with choreography from a variety of their own songs and performances, making it fresh and engaging to watch.

Each member stands out on his own from the makeup to the outfits, while looking well as a team. The cameo of the original singer near the end of the video easily makes this one of the best Halloween performances and truly deserves the number one spot on this list.

G-Idle – Put It Straight

Yet another group that completely alters their song to sound more nightmarish. In this dance practice video, G-Idle are all dressed up as a famous Horror movie character. The outfits are creative, the makeup is scary and what makes this performance even more engaging is the dedication put into it by each of the members. With just Soyeon as the Joker, this performance already deserved its second position.

Dreamcatcher – Boca

In this performance, Dreamcatcher have borrowed the concept from the K-Drama, Kingdom, which focuses on zombies in a historical setting. The member’s transition from human to zombie is impressive from their change in choreography to the makeup. The song perfectly fits the whole vibe and above all, the back-up dancers are also super involved in delivering this scary performance.

Oneus - Heartbeat

This is an interesting performance by a boy group. Oneus performs a much older song while bringing their own charm into the mix. Although, the choreography is quite similar to the original, the costumes are a perfect match with the song and bring a Halloween touch to the original. The members are dedicated to the Halloween concept (There’s also that weird move at 1.05) making the performance very entertaining.

Everglow – La Di Da

Moving away from the spooky Halloween stages to fun performances. In this video, Everglow are dressed as various recognisable characters. Although, the song hasn’t been changed here, the original is still worth listening to. The best part of this performance is that each member perfectly resembles the character they’re dressed up as (My personal favourite is Yerin as Alita)

NCT127 – Regular

This dance practice video by NCT 127 is quite similar to Everglow’s fun Halloween concept. The members (And you would notice, there’s quite a lot) are all dressed as different characters or figures from one place or another. Each member chose their own look, making them more determined to play the part. Unlike the other entries on this list, the outfits chosen are diverse and makes the dance practice quite enjoyable to watch.

Honourable Mention: Kihyun (Monsta X) – Bad

As a solo performance, Kihyun lands himself in the honourable mentions. The stage and outfit are interesting and although they resemble more of a ‘bad boy’ concept, the performance pulls through with his vocals and perfect song choice.

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