BY Arleen Wilcox

Have you ever looked at pictures of your parents from the 70s and physically felt second-hand embarrassment because of how awful they look? And every time that you cringed/laughed at them, they would say things like, “Hey, it was the fashion back then.”

Thankfully you would NEVER be like them. You are just so cool and hip all the time ’cause you totally know the perfect balance between following trends and also knowing when to ignore them… NOT.

Kids, the day you all swore would never come is here. The day you become your own worst nightmare. The day you become like your parents.

It’s been 10 years since 2007 and I am here to remind you that we are mere mortals travelling through space and time constantly making all of the wrong decisions. Enjoy the ride.

Posting a Facebook status every 5 minutes

Long gone are the days when we all tolerated and took part in posting constant and pointless status updates. Oh, and just when you thought it was all in the past, your Facebook memories make sure you never forget.

Long side fringes 

Boys, girls, pets, everyone was doing it. You thought it looked great even though it covered half your face and you couldn’t see (but of course you would never admit it).

Under eye eyeliner 

Also while we’re touching on the whole emo/scene fad thing, can we talk about how it was a prime time for ‘guyliner’? Perhaps this is the only trend I wouldn’t mind making a come back.

Bedazzled everything

Phone cases, jeans, hats, belts, shirts, denim jackets, normal jackets. Literally just everything with a surface.

Sperm brows

If there is something that can summarize the difference between 2007 and 2017, it’s definitely eyebrows… I wonder what we’ll think about thick contoured eyebrows in 2027.

Skirts over pants

I guess it was great for those slightly chilly days when you had no stockings but you really wanted to show your new skirt??? I don’t even know what we were thinking at this point.

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