Tradies of UNSW strike fear and admiration into the hearts of female student population with stream of Foucault references in casual conversation

 Tradies at UNSW have long since learned the value of a tertiary education: not much as it turns out because all of the really important shit is free on the internet and literally anyone can read it. Notwithstanding this beautiful flouting of tradespeople stereotypes, local law students are falling into hysteria.

Tracy, a twenty-one year old law student and general overachiever has had to completely reform her conception of societal structures.

“I didn’t know people read philosophy for fun” said Tracy after first date with John after they met at Maze waiting for coffees. “If John is better at legal philosophy than me AND he can build shit, then what am I better than him at?!” said Tracy.

John, a carpenter and avid reader of Michel Foucault describes himself as someone who seeks out complex, mysterious areas to become expert in in an effort to himself become complex and mysterious. Having finished reading ‘Discipline and Punish’ John finds himself falling into new and unforetold depths of the academy. “Next on my list is Derrida and then Heidegger.”

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