BY Gillian Jansz

Winter is upon us, and it’s all about texture

Feeling that crunchy leaf crush beneath your shoe, having the wind blow your hair right onto your face and whipping out your Sherpa jacket after months of being stashed away during the summer months. Here’s your guide to working the season’s elements in style.


Printed Sweaters & Playful Parkas

Guys and gals, winter is Australia’s time to rock the ugly sweater game! Although, let’s lose the ugly and make it chic, of course! A printed sweater or parka brightens up the gloomy skies outside and could almost put you in the mood to study. Bonus points if your sweater has a cool quote or cute animals on it.

T-Shirts & Turtlenecks = A Match Made in Layering Heaven

Not only does this combo keep you warm, but also gives off a cool, artistic vibe. A black or white turtleneck underneath a printed band T-shirt or coloured top goes great in winter. This look can be accessorised by tucking it into jeans or cargo pants with a black belt.

Loafing around in printed socks

Printed socks are the bees’ knees for men who love subtle accessorising! This trend is perfect for all genders, especially during the colder months. They look great when worn with chunky sneakers, leather boots, loafers, business shoes and even flats.


Your new pick-up lime

Green is still taking the colder months by storm. Forest green coats and khaki pants are classic pieces to safely incorporate this colour into your wardrobe. If you’re feeling bold, opt for lime green shirts and tops layered underneath an oversized cardigan or jacket.

TIP: Light, misty blue and crimson are also prominent hues for this season. When paired together they make a daring combination. Red can be used as the perfect accent colour, while blue tones down the volume.

Tote-ally-awesome bags

Forget your Oscar Wylee bag and up your bag game! Canvas tote-bags are great for the environment and for storing all your uni belongings. Tote-bags that have quotes or illustrative patterns on it are a great way to share your beliefs and be unique. Fashion and function go hand in hand, especially when these bags are machine-washable, easy to care for and last a long time.

Big Hair Pins

Hair pins and delicate headbands add a classy vibe to your style. Slides and pearl clips are a new way to add a 90’s vibe to your look. The reintroduction of hair clips means we can reimagine classic hairstyles like the ponytail.

On Campus

Melissa Xu [L], studying her Bachelor of Economics/Arts rocks a patterned black and white, knitted jumper with cuffed jeans and boots. Meanwhile, Commerce and Arts student Ella Cannon [R] wears an all-black outfit with a relaxed silhouette. Her red beanie adds character to the look, accented against the black. 

Both embody the comfy winter aesthetic in the best way possible by using print and a pop of colour to elevate their outfits. 

Data Science student, Xuanyu Jin, has topped his all-black outfit with a cherry-red bomber jacket, brightening up the dull winter sky outside. Camera in hand, practicing photography, Xuanyu’s look is sporty and casual for a day at uni. 


Get set, GO!

Matching or coordinated sets are very versatile to wear – together or as components in different outfits. These are great for men and women as they’re an androgynous unisex way to add edge to your wardrobe.

Workwear Fashion

Workwear fashion inspired by the famous Off White’s construction tape belt overwhelms this season through spunky ski jumpsuits, military-style cargo pants and lace-up boots.

Forget Scarves, Blankets are In

Yep. Being able to wear blankets in public is every person’s dream. Luckily for you, oversized scarves put the comfort in fashion. Scarves keep the neck warm, protect you from the rain and when folded, make a great pillow for when you’re having a nap in your lecture! Add a fun element by choosing a print like houndstooth or checks.

On Campus

Final year Media (PR & Advertising) student, Rachel Yuen wears an oversized, printed grey scarf mixing prints and texture with both her plaid jacket and camo tote-bag. It’s all in the details with jewelled nails, red lips and the cute dinosaur on her Coach bag! She incorporates green into her look with her utilitarian, printed bag channeling a cool, quirky aesthetic.


Bye, Teddy Jacket

Last year was all about the teddy jacket, but this year it’s all about fur! Even having fur on the collar of your jacket keeps the neck warm and stylish, referencing a European aesthetic.

Top it off with a Hat

‘Tis the season for felt hats. And not just top hats or caps, feel free to rock that French-style beret! Grey or tan coloured hair accessories accentuate nearly all hair colours and match most outfits. Grey and tan are great colours to choose for daring accessories as they ease the dramatics of wearing something on your head, whilst still giving you confidence.

Textural flights of fancy

Pairing leather, denim and fur creates a visually interesting combination. When these textures are from a monochrome palette, it adds depth and dimension to your look.

Take charge of your winter wardrobe and don’t be afraid to sport some colour, print and cool accessories this season. Stay warm and happy styling!

Gillian is a PR & Advertising student who loves writing and using her fashion design background to digitally illustrate fun illustrations of people, trends, clothes and pop culture. Cover photo, illustrations and photography done by her! Her spirit animal is a bear and she could definitely do with a coffee or two on weekdays. Follow her on Instagram.

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