BY Karen Yu

Continuing with our ‘Women’ theme, the society that will be introduced in this article is Women in Technology (WIT)! I sat down and had a chat with both Joyce and Lukia so let’s meet them now!

Lukia who is currently studying Information Systems had been part of the Empowerment program and was strongly attracted to the culture of WIT. Previously having no interest in pursuing a career in technology this changed through her time in the program.

She believes that technology is a huge concept in society today and will be more so in the future. Seeing its’ potential to change society and how people do things, Lukia wants to innovate and make an impact on peoples’ lives.

Joyce on the other hand joined WIT because of a role model figure that was part of the society. Much like Lukia, Joyce could feel how tight-knit the society was, sparking her interest in it. She believes that what she learnt through the society was able to help her grow in a variety of ways which is why she stuck with it.

When I was younger I was so obsessed with my Neo Pet store.

Having grown up being accustomed with computers and HTML (to make her Neo Pets website pretty), she soon advanced to other websites like Tumblr. Her creative side was fascinated to see what she could do with technology. Now in university, she wants to see how technology can solve problems.

We encourage females in technology and try to make them more confident in the skills that they have.

In very basic terms, WIT aims to “connect their members to opportunities in the technology industry and open their eyes to what they can actually do within that space”. Not only do they want to help university students, they also enlighten high school students about future pathways in technology.

Technology is an innovative way to help make people’s lives easier… making society more efficient.

Technology is such a broad term which can not only confuse people but also put them off pursuing it. To help students, WIT believe that they should take initiative to help students understand what technology really is. They hope to get this message to many people and to be able to impact that one person who could potentially be interested.

Gender equality isn’t something that females alone can achieve.

WIT believe that having men on board with their society and female empowerment can really make a big impact. While WIT is more women dominated they are definitely open to all genders. Also all students interested in technology, no matter what degree are welcome.

Seeing her members grow and gain confidence in them is one thing Joyce loves seeing within her society. She is proud that she could have been of some help in their process. Similarly Lukia prides herself in seeing how different (in a good way of course) people are, before and after joining WIT. Their journey, how much they enjoyed WIT and relationships students have created is what keeps Lukia within her society.

On one thing they would say to university students, Lukia said “Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and try out new things You’ll never know what you’ll get out of it in the end.”

Joyce said two things.

Always bring an umbrella.”

Even if you don’t know what something is about just jump into it even if you’re just that tiny bit interested. You can discover so much.”

To end this article, our last question was which movie they would recommend!

Joyce recommended ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Atonement’ whilst Lukia recommended the Korean movie ‘The Beauty Inside’.

Thanks to Joyce and Lukia for the lovely chat!

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