We understand that students, Clubs and Club Executives both in Sydney and more widely may be having a hard time. If appropriate to your circumstance, we encourage you and your fellow Club leaders to reach out to each other and your community of Club members. While it is not a Club executives' responsibility to take personal action if you become aware of issues relating to mental health, we have prepared several resources to guide executives with responding, referring or providing support during uncertain times.  

Arc Wellness 

Arc Wellness has a great Online Wellbeing Resource with a range of information and activities available to download here

Arc wellness runs regular events throughout term, including the One Step Walking Group and regular Tea & Talk sessions. Keep up to date with their latest events by following Arc Wellness on Instagram or checking out their webpage here.


This Way Up provide a series of free courses and information for university students. Their website provides Practical skills and support to help with general wellbeing, coping with stress, student wellbeing and other targeted mental help support: https://thiswayup.org.au/ 

Arc Wellness ran a great Tea & Talk session called Accessing Professional Mental Health Help with Katie Dobinson available on Spotify. In the episode, Clinical Psychologist Katie Dobinson from St Vincent's Hospital's THIS WAY UP programme shares her insights about the difference between transient moments of stress and shares the different ways people can access professional mental health help.


One Eighty – Open Up 

One Eighty are an organisation that run weekly online chats called ‘Open Up”. It is not therapy nor run by mental health professionals. They are peer-led by Peer Support Workers and they have a referral service if they notice someone needs clinical support. They take diversity seriously and their Peer Support workers are a diverse group of young people from all over Australia: https://www.oneeighty.org.au/open-up 


The Indigo Project 

Signs that you ain’t doing great (and it might be time to get help) by The Indigo Project is a great article (with a checklist) that goes over ways to identify a concern, how to reach out for help and recommendation for where to seek further support. 


Arc Food Hub 

Food Hub is designed to help give free food to students in need and is a service that is still happening during lockdown. So, if you are living close to campus, please register in advance here. If you have any further questions regarding accessing Food Hub, please contact foodhub@arc.unsw.edu.au  


Support for International Students 

There are a range of services available to international students seeking support. They can access more information regarding accommodation, food services and counselling here: https://www.arc.unsw.edu.au/help/international-support 


Further Support 

Where an issue relating to mental health arises, it is not the responsibility of a Club Executive to take personal action. We strongly recommend that in these instances, Club Executives (or indeed any Club leader, member or student) direct students experiencing mental health issues or other crises to contact support services such as those listed below:  




Emergency Services (Police/Ambulance/Fire) 


24 hours, 7 days a week 


Ph: 000  

Ph: 112 (mobile phones with no network coverage) 



24 hours, 7 days a week 

13 11 14 


UNSW Psychology & Wellness (formerly CAPS) 

9am to 5pm on weekdays 

(02) 9385 5418 



UNSW After Hours Mental Health Support Line 

5pm to 9am on weekdays, and all day on weekends 

(02) 9385 5418



UNSW Health Services 

See website for information.  

Telehealth appointments available

(02) 9385 5425 


UNSW Equitable Learning


See website for information.  

NEW: Virtual drop-in appointments now available 







NSW Mental Health Line 

24 hours, 7 days a week 

1800 011 511 


Offshore Mental Health Support (Medibank) 

24 hours, 7 days a week 

02 8905 0307 


Mental Health Connect 

9am-5pm on weekdays 

9348 0085 



9am-1am (e-chat) 

Specific to centres 


Beyond Blue 

24 hours, 7 days a week 

1300 22 4636 


UNSW Security 

24 hours, 7 days a week 


9385 6666 (emergency)  

9385 6000 (non-emergency) 



Mental Health First Aid training is available for those interested in receiving further information and training on how to support someone they observe may be experiencing mental health issues, however, this is not a substitute for professional mental health support services, both for those experiencing issues and for those supporting them. 

Unless you are a mental health professional, you are not trained to provide the critical support required in these situations, and it is not expected that you attempt to do so.  

If you experience a situation and you are not sure how to respond (even if the situation fits your role), we strongly recommend that you ask for help, whether that be from Arc or external support.