Need help finding your way around the UNSW set?

Not sure which way is which?

Luckily, our Yellow Shirts know the ins-and-outs of the huuuuuge UNSW campus like the back of their space hands and are ready to take your for a tour. We'll show you the shortcuts, best spots for a break between classes and how to navigate getting from point A to point B at warp speed. Register for our tours below, or show up on the day!

Blockbuster Tour

This is the ultimate UNSW tour. Over 2 hours, you'll find out everything you need to know about uni, including student services, buildings, recommendations and more.

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Trailer Tours

Get ready for uni by taking a short personalised tour with a Yellow Shirt who will show you all of the buildings in which your classes will be held. Each tour will take approximately 20 minutes.

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Parent and Postgraduate Rom-Com Tours

A twist on the Rom-Com tour that will take you on a fast-tracked tour through all the most relevant information and services for parents and postgraduate students.

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Rom-Com Tour

Keeping it short and sweet ! In faculty-based groups, over 1 hour you'll learn about important student services and key places and information related to your studies.

Registrations now open!

O-Week 2020

Arc Clubs

Arc Sport

More O-Week Events

Food Hub

Fri 31 Jul – Wed 28 Oct

Take what you need! Free food packs for UNSW students

PGC Cruise

WK9Thu 01 Oct

Enjoy a night of drinks, great food, music and games with your PGC peers!

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