To close up the theme of Idol, I had a chat with the Arts Society! What’s the link between the two you ask? The field of art is so wide and many have found their idols within this broad art field. I spoke with Daniella.

Moving from Queensland to study at UNSW, Daniella wanted to really immerse herself in this new environment. Hearing about the ARTSOC camp, she knew it would be a good opportunity to make friends. Quickly becoming more involved with the society, she knew that she wanted to do something beyond her academics in her time at UNSW.

“I had always heard of UNSW because of the ICAS exams.”

Daniella always had an interest in humanitarian issues, law and international affairs and she took the opportunity to study International Studies here at UNSW. She was also attracted to the vibrant mood of the university.

Arts Society represents all students from the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The society holds a variety of activities ranging from social events, career events, study sessions and more. The society is involved in many fundraising, charity and wellbeing events too.

“I’ve always looked up to my mum… I know it sounds very cliché.”

On who she looked up to as a child, Daniella chose her mum. Knowing that it was cliché choice, she didn’t back down as she explained why she respected her mum so much. She said that all her mum ever did was for the betterment of her family. Daniella showed a clear love and pride for her mum.

“Our parents and our families are the real heroes.”

Daniella went on to say how as immigrant parents, her mum and family had worked so hard to give her the best future possible. She believes that this notion will resonate in university students.

Daniella mentioned that she was connected to her Korean culture, so I asked who she thought was a ‘legend’ in Korea. She answered entertainer Yoo Jae-Seok, who she believes has been heavily involved in shaping Korea’s entertainment industry for a long time. Daniella respects his kind and humble character the most.

As part of the ‘Running Man’ variety show, Daniella had a personal experience with Yoo Jae-Seok when the show did a filming in Brisbane years ago. Daniella says she could feel his sincerity.

“It’s impossible to know what celebrities and people of power will be like in real life.. but there’s something really special that transcends national borders and language barriers which is being genuinely passionate.”

Daniella said that being empathetic was something that she thought was the most important to herself and in the celebrities she looks up to. She believes that being empathetic, kind and understanding are very important qualities in a person. She said that having these qualities improve life, even if it’s just small things like thanking the driver and taking the time to understand others.

“If everyone were to adopt empathy it would make everyone’s lives better.”

The last recommendations for this week were given by Daniella. She highly recommends ‘Brooklyn 99’ and the poem ‘Desiderata’ by Max Ehrmann.

She left me with a quote that I found really inspirational: “Remember when you wanted what you currently have.”

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