BY Will Cook

Couples sure seem to have a lot of fun! Leisurely late lunches, picnics by some picturesque lake, rooftop bars in summer, even quiet nights on the couch with a greasy box of pizza seem more enjoyable with a significant other. 

Unluckily for the majority of young people who long for a bit of affectionate company, the love bug rarely bites when you want it. So, what can you do? Well Tinder is always there, but alas there is something else you can do! Scary as it sounds spending time by yourself can be liberating, calming, therapeutic, insert other life affirming words here. Luckily for us Sydneysiders there a raft of options to boost your single-esteem.

Underground bar hop

Whoever said that drinking alone was a tell-tale sign of alcoholism has obviously never been single. In today’s day and age, no drinking hole is complete, or successful without a niche hook. In Sydney there has been an explosion of hidden bars. Residing in dodgy alleyways, camouflaged by the facade of butchers, decorated in grandma-esque knick-knacks, the bar scene is engaging in an all out war for hip supremacy. Whether you are tempted by: 250 varieties of rum at The Lobo Plantation, wine and cheese pairings at Love, Tilly Devine or a wall filled with whisky at Baxter Inn, there are endless glasses of booze to enjoy. Be they intimate or alive with frivolity, people watching in bars is all the more fun alone.

Bookstores galore

Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than a bad book recommendation. So, shopping for a page turner on your own may actually be quite beneficial. While you could head to the bookworm glory hole that is Dymocks in the city, why not seek at an independent retailer. Venture to Glebe for Gleebooks and you will be greeted with coffee, or venture a bit further down the Glebe Road for wine at Sappho Books. If you can manage up the courage to burst your solitude than ask the book masters at Better Read Than Dead in Newtown for an expert recommendation.

Coastal walks (and coffee)

Earphones, sneakers and a dramatic coastline. Alone time never looked so wholesome. Coogee to Bondi, Spit to Manly, or a tourist walk around Circular Quay: all year round there is a seaside stroll from A to B to combat any feelings of singleness. Be you a gym junkie or exercise novice, the benefits of walking are endless. Stress relief, fresh air, thought provoking and great for your Fit Bit step count. Match all that wellness with a beautiful Sydney view and a great podcast and you’re on your way.

Champagne at the cinema

For many, a trip to the cinema alone is social suicide. But why? You are in a dark room, surrounded by surround sound watching a film. It is the perfect place for singles. As you bathe in the latest Marvel experience or Mila Kunis trash, pair you me time with wine time. If you want to go all out the Palace Cinema’s Platinum Lounge lets you combine bubbly with a reclining chair and personal wait staff that arrive via buzzer.

Learn something new

Since you are already saving a shit load of time without Sunday morning lie-ins and spontaneous adventures to wholesome places with your other half, why not teach yourself a new skill? Cork and Canvas in Darlinghurst, horse riding in Centennial Park, sailing in the Shire, playing with clay at the Potting Shed, whipping up a bowl of pasta in Annandale. Everything that you can do while dating you can do on your own, for less cash and a reduced chance of bickering.

There you have it. So, quit the swiping right (but mainly left) on the couch with a tub of half-eaten ice-cream wondering if you should have more before you watch the next episode of Bojack Horseman. Being single can be pretty fun. While you are enjoying it, you might even meet the Mr., Mrs., or Mr/Mrs right.

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