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Blitz is the cream cheese for your bagel, the best friend's advice on what to text back, the compendium of everything you need to know about student life at UNSW. 

Blitz is home to lit content from student producers at UNSW whose major aim is to keep you in the know. We're here for everything from 'What's On' to serious contemplations of what to do with your life and career (especially your growing Stranger Things meme-bank). We exist online on the Blitz website, in video and on the airwaves on your phone/ laptop/ on the bus and all over campus. 


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Good Advice From Bad Students

'If he breaks the snapstreak, he's likely to be a) not interested in you b) not interested in his phone c) not interested in his phone which makes you interested in him' 

'Wherever you host your 21st Birthday this year, don't pay a bond' 

'Don't sleep with someone in Week 1 that you have to be in tutorials with till Week 13'  

'Read the Question first. Read the Readings second.' 

'Take subjects you are actually interested in. Work ethic doesn’t come from nowhere' 

'Bureaucracy isn't real. I wish I'd known when I started Uni that everything is flexible – what subjects you take, when you take them, where you study, what your assessment is about – just talk to the conveners.' 

'Relatable content is pure and good and a sacred gateway to lifelong friendships'  

'The friend-zone is a place you create in your head, if you don't want to be there, EMMIGRATE'  

'No one cares about you but you, which is actually, extremely freeing'  

'When you're in students societies, it's so intense that sometimes you forget there's a world outside it. If you find yourself dating someone from that group who you shouldn't be dating, get out of that island syndrome.' 

'Most people don't really know what makes for a good friendship or a good essay. That's the best thing about uni.'  

'Honestly, people are into weird shit, and that is profoundly reassuring.' 

'Instant bank transfer your mates immediately and you will never lose a friend'  

'Coffee is a comparatively cheap addiction'  

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