Hi there Sports Clubs! 

Welcome to your admin page! This is a page specifically designed for the Exec and Admin behind each sports club. 

If you are a new Exec, please have a read through of the Clubs Handbook, which will give you the basic understanding of what is expected of you in 2017 as well as what we can offer you in support and guidance. 

Please see the Uniform Style Guide to ensure your club is representing UNSW clearly and correctly. Remember, all uniforms and merchandise needs approved by ArcSport! 

Finally, see the O-Week Sports Clubs manual. This is a comprehensive document with all the information surrounding the busiest week of the year for UNSW. Prepare well for this event, and then you won't have to worry about recruitment for the rest of the year!  

As always, any questions, please pop into the office, give us a ring or drop us an email.



Sport Club Uniform Style Guide

Sports Club Handbook

O-Week Sports Club Manual

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