AGMs and EGMs for Sport Clubs

What is an AGM?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a way for members to be formally updated on how the club has been going over the past 12 months. It is a good opportunity to highlight the achievements of the club, review the club's financial health and discuss any changes to the constitution.

Most importantly, the AGM is a yearly confirmation of the club's purpose and revitalisation of the club through electing a new Executive team and/or re-electing current Executives.

Incorporated Associations

AGMs are especially important if your club is an incorporated association, as they are required every year to comply with NSW obligations. For more information on your club's legal obligations, see the 'Incorporated Associations' card at the bottom of the page.

What is an EGM?

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is a meeting held between AGMs if you would like to propose new changes to the constitution, discuss important matters or elect members into unfilled executive positions. The format is similar to an AGM, except a shorter notice period is needed and reports are not necessary.


Before the meeting, the current secretary sends out notice of the meeting to all members and stakeholders, a minimum of 14 days (AGM) or 24 hours (EGM) in advance. This notice should include the following information:

  • Date, time and location
  • Agenda
  • Any relevant information on who can attend and vote at the AGM/EGM
  • Information on any proposed constitutional changes
  • Nominations for club executive positions (if applicable)

Templates for the above can be found at the bottom of this page.

Conducting the AGM/EGM

General procedure

For an AGM/EGM to be valid, you will need to meet quorum*. 

You should also take minutes of the meeting. This is a summary of the meeting which should include information such as attendees, key discussions, any constitutional changes passed, nominations and results. A template for minutes is available at the bottom of the page.

  1. Open the meeting and note the time in the minutes.
  2. Apologies - prior notice that an Executive is unable to attend the meeting and have sent their apologies
  3. Motions to accept:
    1. Previous General Meeting minutes
    2. President's Report
    3. Club Financial Report
    4. Constitutional Amendments
    5. Elections of executive positions
      1. Nominations
      2. Brief speeches from each candidate (if unopposed, this is optional)
      3. Short time allocated for questions
      4. Voting
      5. Announcement of results
  4. General Business
  5. Close the meeting and note the time in the minutes.

*Usually 15 members or 50% of membership, whichever is lesser, however check your Constitution as this may differ.


Members should only vote for one position at a time, after speeches are done. Voting does not have to be anonymous, however it is good practice to do so. 

You can also give members who cannot attend the AGM the option to vote through proxies, where they nominate one other member who can attend to vote on their behalf. Members who wish to vote through proxy should send a proxy form (template available below) to the secretary before the AGM. This proxy form also becomes invalid if the member attends the AGM.

Holding the meeting in-person

Ensure you have booked a space (on campus or otherwise) that can fit your expected capacity. Also ensure that it complies to any relevant COVID-19 restrictions.

Voting can take place through a show of hands or by secret ballot.

Holding the meeting online

  1. Create an online meeting link using Teams**, Zoom, Google Meet or other software of choice. It may also be a good idea to make the meeting either password protected or require approval before people can join, so that you will not have unexpected guests.
  2. Organise how you will count votes. Ideas include:
    • an online form for each individual position
    • an online poll (e.g. Slido; they allow members to answer questions one at a time, controlled by a host)
    • asking members to privately message poll counter (not feasible for large clubs)

** If your members are all students, Teams is a good option as students have a free account using their student e-mail.

Holding a meeting in person with some attendees online

Book a space while also setting up video conferencing software. Ensure that virtual attendees can also hear what is going on, and prepare ways for them to vote as above. Make sure you get the votes and proxy votes of members both in-person and online.

After the AGM/EGM


The previous secretary should finalise the minutes for the meeting as soon as possible (within a week) so that details aren't lost.


Retiring executive members should give new executives an overview of their role and discuss future plans and challenges, to ensure the new member can resume the position successfully.


Following the AGM, appropriate members should be given access to the Club's CommBiz account (see Sports Handbook for more information).

Arc Sport

Once the AGM has concluded, fill in the below form with a copy of:

  • Meeting minutes (file name SportClub_AGM Minutes_20XX)
  • Annual Report (file name SportClub_Annual Report_20XX)
  • Financial Report (file name SportClub_Financial Report_20XX)
  • Membership Database (file name SportClub_Membership_Database_20XX)
  • Amendments to Constitution (if any) (file name SportClub_Constitution_20XX)
  • position, full name, zID, e-mail and phone number of any new elected Executives