Sex & Relationships

Sex and relationships are fun! But navigating your sexual wellbeing and relationships can be tricky.

Whether you're dealing with sexual health, housemate drama, or your first break-up remember that you're not going through it alone and that there's always a solution.

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HELP | Sexual Assault & Misconduct

HELP | Reporting Sexual Assault

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5 Important Things You Should Have Learnt in Sex Ed

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If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation, call Emergency Services at 000.

Lifeline: Ph: 13 11 14

Emergency (Police/Ambulance/Fire): Ph: 000 | Ph: 112 (mobile phones with no network coverage)

UNSW Mental Health Connect : Ph: (02) 9385 5418 |
After Hours Text Line (Mon - Fri 5pm - 9am / 24 hrs on weekends and public holidays) 0485 826 595

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