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Met the 2020 Team: Dayna (Coordinator)

Each week we'll be introducing you to a new member of the 2020 Arc Student Cookbook Team. For week 1- meet our coordinator, Dayna!

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Welcome to the Cookbook Blog! My name is Shirley and I am writing to you as your Student Cookbook Coordinator appealing to both foodies and novice student chefs who may be struggling in the culinary department just a little... or maybe a lot.

Every week hot tips and tricks will be brought to you for you to test out in the kitchen, whether you're trying to impress your family or hosting a big dinner party. Along with these posts and the final publication that is the student cookbook, I aim to help those who are culinary novices and those who are not, find cooking to be the most rewarding, easy and enjoyable experience.

T1W1: Food Substitutions

T1W2: Metric Conversions

T1W3: Cooking Jargon

T1W4: Same But Different

T1W5: Australian Icons

T1W6: General Tips in the Kitchen

T1W7: Recipe Recommendation

T1W8: Under the Weather

T1W9: Essential Baking Equipment

T1W10: Dairy Free Vegan Diets

T2W1: Pantry Staples for Budgeting Students

T2W2: Midnight Snacks

T2W3: Healthy Simple Recipe Feature

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