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The Student Cookbook

Your annual guide to cheap & cheerful student cooking

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Tharunka is the political, social and cultural journal for all students on campus.

Founded in 1953, Tharunka calls a spade a spade, shoots from the hip, and isn't afraid to make enemies in its quest for honesty, honour and humour. If you have an interest in journalism, a passion for social commentary, opinion pieces, personal essays, creative writing or illustration — start reading online, join the Facebook Tharunka community and send in your work.

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UNSW's Annual Literary Journal

UNSWeetened is our student literary journal, celebrating all voices at UNSW. Featuring fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, essays and assembled into one beautiful journal by our team of editors, designers and artists, don't miss out on reading UNSWeetened this year. Head to our page to check out past issues and online exclusives and join the Facebook group to join our writing community and keep an eye out for submission deadlines — opening soon!

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Blitz is your guide to the latest, greatest and what's on at UNSW

Blitz brings you gig reviews, points of view, comedy, viral content and more on a daily basis. In 2020 we're bigger, better and more Blitz than ever. Shoot through your ideas, create content, perk up your portfolio and more by joining the Blitz fam.

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Your critical arts journal

Framework is Arc @ UNSW Art & Design's critical arts and literary journal, which aims to facilitate, promote, and celebrate expanded forms of arts writing and critical dialogue around our campus.

Students work closely with the Writer's Coordinator to edit and develop their writing, which is published once a term, in week nine. Framework publishes a mix of experimental and more conventional reviews, interviews, essays and articles, as well as creative, visual and experimental texts. Framework is published online as a fixed layout epub and PDF, which means that contributors have the freedom to include interactive media such as videos, audio, gifs and animation in their writing.

The Student Cookbook

The Student Cookbook is your annual guide to cheap & cheerful student cooking

Put down that instant ramen and pick up the wok because The Student Cookbook is here to get you cooking at home cheaply, quickly and most of all — deliciously! In 2020 The Student Cookbook is all about cooking, baking and making in way that good for the environment, healthy for your body and light on your wallet! Put together by a passionate team of student photographers, designers, cooks and editors, The Student Cookbook will be bringing you recipes, video tutorials and cooking tips all year 'round.

Check out past issues here, written recipes here and click here to watch our video tutorials for Student Life Online.

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