Academic Wellbeing

Let's face it - uni can be tough sometimes.

Between readings, deadlines, juggling study with work, and getting used to uni life, it's no wonder that the majority of students feel high levels of stress at some point in their university career. If you're feeling overwhelmed, try reading through some of the resources below to help you deal with everything from stress to procrastination, or reach out to an academic advisor.

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Exam Tips

How to Adult

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Do you need help now?

Head to our full list of external resources, organisations and services or call one of the crisis numbers below.

If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation, call Emergency Services at 000.

Lifeline: Ph: 13 11 14

Emergency (Police/Ambulance/Fire): Ph: 000 | Ph: 112 (mobile phones with no network coverage)

UNSW Mental Health Connect : Ph: (02) 9385 5418 |
After Hours Text Line (Mon - Fri 5pm - 9am / 24 hrs on weekends and public holidays) 0485 826 595